Imagine a product that changes the way men and women taste and smell!
An oral supplement that alters the scent and taste of your sexual fluids. Imagine the confidence of being able to enjoy oral sex, the most intimate of sexual acts, knowing that a sweet delicious taste and scent is coming from within you.
Achieve new levels of intimacy with your partner.
Unlike anything else on the market, this formula of lipids and amino acids takes effect in just 7 to 10 days.
Sweet Release is designed in two distinct formulas: one for men and one for women.
  • oral sex is even more fun
  • delicious flavor!
  • counteracts oral sex anxiety
  • spice up your sex life
  • enhance intimacy
The men's formula of Sweet Release makes him taste like a crisp green apple.
  • makes oral sex more fun
  • counteracts embarrassment
    about taste and smell
  • spice up your sex life
  • ultimate intimacy
    enhancer for couples
The women's formula changes her fluids to a delightful, soft citrus flavor.
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Oral sex has never been so good!

Sweet Release is the only inside-out formulation to make male and female sexual fluids taste and smell like sweet, fresh fruit. Sweet Release is perfect for men and women who want to increase their intimacy by making oral sex a more significant part of their sex lives. Sweet Release has already helped thousands of men and women enjoy each other more fully by making oral sex irresistible. If you and your partner are looking for a way to bring the spark back, or if you just need a way make oral sex a greater part of your sex life, Sweet Release is for you! The best part is, you have nothing to lose - Sweet Release is guaranteed! Order today!