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The Ropes and Sweet Release

Nearly every man has heard the phrase "The Ropes". But most people don't really know what "The Ropes" are, or where the slang comes from. We will tell you what the ropes are and why you want them.

The ropes - what are they?

The origin of the phrase "the ropes" is from Western Europe, specifically in the adult film industry. Male performers referred to their orgasmic contractions as "ropes" -- perhaps because they associated orgasm with ropes of semen. Most men have 3-5 contractions during each orgasm.

The slang crossed the Atlantic and is now used in the American porn industry. Actors who can produce long, rope-like ejaculations are highly prized. With carefully-chosen diets and fitness regimens, men can sustain the rope-like quality of their semen.

Why would anyone want the ropes?

Here's why the ropes are a good thing: orgasmic contractions for a man are the most pleasurable part of an orgasm. If you can increase your orgasmic contractions, you make your orgasm longer and more intense.

Many m stars use supplements to help give themselves impressive ejaculate volume. It's not only more photogenic, it's also a lot more enjoyable. Sweet Release won't increase ejaculate volume, but there are a number of volume pills you can use for this purpose. Instead, Sweet Release will enable your partner to enjoy the flavor of your semen - you'll be closer than ever before.

Try Sweet Release today and see the difference for yourself!